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Ribbon Rose

DIY Satin, Silk or Ribbon Roses -- a tutorial! i learned this in high school from a friend very easy they are so pretty. spray perfume on them for pretty smell. even sew beads on them

The White Bench: Ribbon Rose Tutorial. - beautiful handmade flowers on this blog

Ribbonwork ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here:

Satin ribbon rose tutorial, like we used to make in floral culture class / Персиковые розы - Вышивка лентами, часть 2 - silkfantasy

Ravings of a Mad Crafter: How to Make a Flat Ribbon Rose

Ribbon rose tutorial (as promised) by Donna (my mom)

Ribbons and Bows – How to Make a Traditional Ribbon Rose

Ribbon Rose - Korean, won't translate properly but you can follow the pix.

Ribbon rose - interesting technique to try

ribbon roses tutorial - easy to make ribbon roses

Ribbon roses details!!!

How to make ribbon rose, site is in Russian with very nice pictures!

365 craft x charity: Day 21 - Mini Rose Hair Clips (2 in 1)

How to make a delicate rose out of organza. So pretty.